XIAO: Big Power, Small Board

Mastering Arduino and TinyML


Lei Feng, Marcelo Rovai


January 10, 2024


From the expansive boards of the past, Arduino has come a long way and entered the Seeed Studio XIAO series: thumb-sized yet power-packed, opening a vast horizon for innovation. “XIAO: Big Power, Small Board” dives deep into these capabilities, guiding readers from the basics of Arduino to intricate miniaturized projects. Whether readers want to illuminate an LED or delve into Embedded Machine Learning (TinyML) with XIAO boards and Edge Impulse Studio, this book covers them. Need for prior knowledge? No worries! This book takes a hands-on, project-based approach, ensuring readers grasp the concepts while implementing them. By the end, they will be adept with XIAO and inspired by many user-created projects showcasing the endless possibilities this small board offers.